Boro Carafe with Infuser

Boro Carafe with Infuser

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Now make and reheat your daily dose of tea or coffee directly on the stove in this 100% flame proof borosilicate glass carafe that comes with an infuser. Fill the infuser with herbs or spices for a healthy morning detox brew. 

Top features : 

  • Made of 100% borosilicate glass and are guaranteed to withstand temperatures of up to 350°C
  • 100% flame proof and can be used directly on the flame
  • Can be safely used in the microwave, oven, fridge, freezer and dishwasher
  • Will not leach chemicals or absorb stains or odors even with repeated use
  • Tough, scratch resistant glass that will not turn cloudy with age.

Pack Contains: 1 Carafe

  • 2 years manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects 
  • Colours may vary slightly when viewed on a digital screen.