Currimbhoys- A Brief History

What started with humble beginnings on the street side in George Town- Madras, has grown slowly and steadily over the last 130 years into what Currimbhoys is known for today. Enhancing your culinary experience since 1889, Currimbhoys Home Products enjoys being a household name for most Chennai-ites to this day.

Staying focused on Tableware & Kitchenware, CBHP is a one-stop-shop for most home makers and institutions alike, with each of the three stores housing over 20,000 products across 150+ trusted brands. With strategically located outlets, the head office remains to this day at Evening Bazaar - the wholesale hub of the city, the second store opened at the turn of the millennium in early 2000 at Adyar Bridge Road and quickly became a customer favorite. The latest branch located mid-way between Auroville and Pondicherry town, has made been crucial in connecting with other towns of southern Tamil Nadu.